Broad & Cleveland pattern

B & C #6 pattern tile

Broad & Cleveland #6

swiss repeat design

When I walk along the intersection of Broad St. and Cleveland Ave, I admire the bold and intricate patterns formed in iron in the manhole covers and storm sewer drain guards there. For this design, I photographed them and used the photos in Adobe Photoshop, along with opacity masks I created from the photos in Adobe Illustrator, to make an intricate lace like design emphasizing their patterns.

For me, the old logos and company names are important pieces of history. The Bell System covers always remind me of when I walked to the large Bell Telephone building downtown to pick out my first phone for my first apartment in the late 70’s. The spacious window front showroom on the main floor of the huge skyscraper displayed elegantly arranged phones of different colors and styles, funky 70’s colors and serious business colors, all large, heavy, and built to last. I picked out a boxy shaped desk phone in aqua blue. It all seemed so different from my small town out-of-state upbringing, but in front of the building, the large Bell logo, made me feel not so far away after all as I had friends back home whose parents worked for Bell. In the 80’s the Bell System Divestiture changed that of course. I like seeing the old logo still out there on the manhole covers.


These are some of the photos I used.



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