Oh, I love the nightlife, I’ve got to buggie.

18″ x 36″ fabric collage, hand dyed fabric, faux fur, beads, sequins, paint, wire, thread, fish line, batting

In August, the katydids and crickets come alive at night, filling the air with their music and singing.  It reminds me of the summers when I was in college, when we did the same, dancing to disco music. Of course that’s why my moon is patterned like a disco ball!

I also think of the times there’s too much of that, when the bugs are like neighbors in your apartment complex up partying all night and making so much noise that you can’t sleep. In the woods by the lake, they can be so loud I have to close the windows to sleep.

While working on this project, I kept a few crickets and a katydid in a cage in my studio for several weeks so I could study them. I researched how to feed and care for them. They were great company with their singing. Not too loud like the masses of insects in the woods. When I set them free in my garden they stayed close by each other and the cage for a while. Maybe they liked the free food and company.


kingfisher's cove


Vogue Vultures




In the Shallows